The Use case 2 (UC2) in the Slovenian-Italian region is planning to implement social routing strategies, also known as cooperative routing, for their large scale CCAM vehicle fleets. This will involve providing a reservation-based shuttle service that offers an efficient and cost-effective transportation solution for customers traveling long distances.

The service will use data optimization techniques to optimize routes and services, while also accommodating customers with diverse needs and promoting economic benefits. The system will offer a variety of pick-up options, such as predefined points or the customer's residence, to cater to different users and arrange shared travel and services. This will result in economic benefits for customers, who will have transparency into the cost implications of their choices, including the number of people they choose to travel with, their preference for a direct or deviated route, and their willingness to adjust departure times to accommodate others.

The UC2 system will include intermediate stops for loading and unloading passengers, as well as route deviations, without compromising the system's ability to deliver customers to their destination on time. Moreover, the service will be flexible in accommodating customers with varying start and endpoints.